Front Rudder Rainbows 2-22-16

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    Front Rudder

    Yehaw!! Out fishing in afternoon, fairly bumpy from south so worked Picard to Anderson. Gobs of bait everywhere, mostly 100-200 feet down. Started out great with a 31″ 14.5# female by Sunset Bay at 1:30! Skunk 4.5 Apex on outside board line. Followed by four nice shakers until 2:30, one on a red/white fly,one on a Skunk spoon on top and two on the rigger on black/white glow 4.5 Apexes. At 3:00, off went the other outside Apex Skunk at Glengary!! Eventually, 34″ beautiful male on board!! Had to go more than 18 pounds, got him back in and swam away!! Then a 17″ on a dropper black fly w/silver tinsel at Sunset Bay. Getting ready to pull lines at 4:00 when the inside starboard Apex 4.5 black speckled [Skunk without white stripe] screamed out! Right near Picard so not much room to maneuver when solo. Worked on it for 10 or 15 minutes, stronger than first two fish, but couldn’t get any closer than 60′ before it cut the leader up about a foot. Loosing a lure was pretty good trade for that much fun!! Incidentally, not very weedy, but kind of muddy water. Get out there!

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