Front Rudder German Browns 2-3-16

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    Front Rudder

    Out at noon again and had a 19′ Rainbow immediately at Pearl on a 4.5 Apex Skunk. Little over an hour later, a seven pound female Rainbow hit a black/orange Two Gills heavy head way out from Sheepherder. A small Mack hit a dodger/Apex glow white down 97 heading in towards Sheepherder. Then, after 3:00, had a double in the shallow water off Sheepherder. Turned out to be male and female German Browns. The female was on a black/speckled 4.5 Apex, 23″ and seriously full of eggs. The male was 22″ and way lighter on a red/white fly. Probably worth fishing those shallows the next few weeks. Fairly bad weeds though [Wind out of Clark Fork].

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