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    Been too lazy to post,but the last couple months have produced some pretty good Mack days. Only fished the shelf, just downrigger, lead line and U 20 Flatfish. Two main areas held most of the fish. Contouring the edge of the shelf, start near Pearl and head toward Memaloose in about 60 feet of water. A finger sticks out toward Camp and then curves back towards Sam Owen. Out near the tip and on the side toward Memaloose produced a couple dozen fish, nearly all of them on Perch or Skunk. Contour low 60’s[70’s summer] but watch out for a nasty small snag in 67 feet on the tip and a bigger one going in at around 70 feet. Most fish 4 to 6 pounds, couple 18 inchers, few 8 or 9 pounders. Continuing along it turns parallel to shore. Move out to 75 or 85 feet to avoid an enormous tree trunk with 6 foot branches in 66 feet[winter]. As you leave the finger, out front of the tree, and shortly after the tree where it turns toward shore are the productive areas in this chunk. Normally it’s excellent farther over, in front of Memaloose,but not this fall. Only a couple teen size Macks for me this year on the shelf, and they were during summer.

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    Thank you for this, Dale. I have always wondered where “the big snag” was and this seems to describe it well!

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