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    My fishing buddy Don and I headed out at 7 am out of Garfield toward the south. The wind was around 10mph from the NE and so we let it push it toward Umbrella as we put out the boards and Down riggers. I think we had about four poles out on each side when Don got the first fish of the day. It was a rainbow on a brown pink twogills fly with a medium weighted head. The fish was just a shaker about 15 inches, but Don having not had a few fish to eat since the Fall Derby decided to take a few home so one in the box. He put that pole back out, and the last pole on his side as I finished up the other. We just got back into the cabin to warm up and I noticed that the same line he had caught his first fish on had released again. This time it was a nice 17 inch Rainbow so now he had dinner.
    Earlier this week I had tied up a new pattern for me that Barbara had jokingly called the Warlock which is a real dark pattern with some hidden phusha. I had had Don put a small headed one way out and then the heavy head copy out last so the big one was the closest to the boat. That fly decided to work for the next two fish that Don brought in. Both of these Rainbows were in the 18 inch range. Still nothing for the Captain! Around 11 am I picked up my first fish on a med head two brown to pink fly that was around 15 inches.
    We spent most of the day around the Big Barge to Granite and after 11 am it went quite flat. At 3pm we headed north up the west side and caught a few more fish that were all in the same range 15 to 18 inches. The last few coming on Heavy head Red and White flies.
    I think most of our big fish should be spawning right now. The water temp is still just under 40 degrees. Surprisingly, we had little trouble with junk on the water picking the most up as we got back closer to Garfield.
    We ended the day with 8 rainbow shakers and though we pulled apexes on the down riggers they were silent all day.
    I only noticed one or two boats on the water all day but with only a little over 4 weeks to the Spring Derby I expect that to change.
    Hope to talk to you on the Water!

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