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    Fred Munson

    From the sounds of things we should start seeing some small fin clipped rainbow showing up in the rainbow boats very soon.
    As one of those boats, I for one would like to know, are we going to wait until we start killing the fish that the club paid for and members worked hard to put back into the lake before we have the nets removed? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. They target areas that typically don’t hold rainbows. However what, AGAIN, is the reason for having the nets in the lake NOW? I guess all the smoke and mirrors that I was handed by the powers that be, about the importance of leaving the nets in until we had a handle on the threat to the rainbow food source in the lake, which I think think we have MORE then accomplished, was just that, MORE smoke and mirrors. And, what about the “non-typical fin clipped rainbow”??? We paid for those fish and frankly if even one shows up in those nets, well, lets put it this way. How would feel if a new fish and game requirement was to buy a fishing lure, plug, fly, etc. every month and take it out of the package and throw it in the lake? You bought the bait and now the people who work for you are requiring you throw it away. How many of you believe NOT ONE FIN CLIP FISH SHOULD BE THROWN AWAY???
    Maybe we should PUT OUT THE SMOKE. Maybe we should BREAK ALL THE MIRRORS. Put our foot down and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.
    Just sayin……………..Fred “WORK RELEASE”
    Take a kid fishing

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