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    Barbara Gillespie

    Eligibility List of 2016 Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club Members for 2017/2018 Term

    Dale Greene – 20 Meetings in 2016
    Barb Gillespie – 19 Meetings in 2016
    Dave Gillespie – 19 Meetings in 2016
    Kevin Elmore – 17 Meetings in 2016
    Dave Ivy – 15 Meetings in 2016
    James Mullen – 14 Meetings in 2016
    Clint Nicholson – 14 Meetings in 2016
    Kevin DaVault – 12 Meetings in 2016
    Steve Klappenbach – 8 Meetings in 2016
    Gale Belgarde Sr. – 8 Meetings in 2016
    Elton Dawson – 6 Meetings in 2016
    We thank these members that wanted to support and put in this amount of time and more with the club throughout 2016. We had many other members and guests attend meetings throughout the year but no others that attended 6 or more meetings in total. We do appreciate everyone that does attend our meetings but would like to see many more join us in these meetings. Don’t forget we are now having a door prize drawing to be given away to one lucky attendee at our Member’s Meetings held the second Wednesday of every month. Come be informed on our current projects and events and have the possibility of winning a nice prize also.

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