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    Barbara Gillespie

    8-13-14 General Meeting Connie’s Cafe
    Attending: Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Dale Greene, Ross Milliken, Dave Ivy, Clint Nicholson, James Mullen, Darren Lindsay, Steven Klappenbach, Peter Kleindienst, Kevin DaVault
    Next Board meeting 8-27-14 Connies

    Next Members meeting 9-10-14 Connies

    Dale reviewed minutes last meeting. Mason Logging plaque discussed. Ross assured delivery before next meeting.

    Correspondence: Received bank statement. Barb e-mail invitation to IF&G to 9-10-14 meeting. Response yes. Lake update, creel survey, kokanee info etc.Request John Rankin kokanee update.

    Newsletter: Dave G. picked up, already mailed out. Looked good, good price, Ryan good job.

    Committee Chairmen and volunteers:

    Mac of the Month: Dale G. continues

    Hatchery Project: Darren L. Doubtful, Work pressure

    Derbies: Ross M. Chair; Fish transport:Dale G; Scale calibration: Ross M; Fish transport to Awards: Dale.

    Pin Auction: James M.Chair: Auctioneer: James M. or Clint N.

    Membership: Clint N.

    Newsletter: Ryan Roslak; discuss further at Board meeting

    Members Only Derby: Ross M. and Dave I. Established lines out Sun. 3:00, 4:00 dinner, awards 4:30. F&G and Sheriff’s permits done.

    Old Business: Present Captn’s Table new plaque at MOD awards, check on Hatchery flow [Dale G], 8-18-14 storage shed clean-up 8:00 AM.

    New Business: Ex-VP Tom Spade replaced on accounts by Dale Greene and Ross Milliken; Steve Klappenbach appointed to Board by Barb Gillespie.

    Officers and Board: President: Barb Gillespie. Vice President: Ross Milliken. Secretary: Dale Greene. Treasurer: Dave Gillespie. Board: James Mullen. Board: Dave Ivy. Board: Clint Nicholson. Board: Dale Snipes. Board: Darren Lindsay. Board: Steve Klappenbach.

    Spring Derby dates: Pin auction 4-24-15. Derby 4-25-15 to 5-3-15.
    Steve K. motion to adjourn at 8:15, seconded, passed.

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