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Kevin Dahl

I agree with Wishin. The lake is a mess. The run off is bad this year, but worse than that, the fact that the wind is so light. Which means everything rises to the top where all your flies are, which means every 15 min you are pulling them in to check. Well, thats what we have, another spring shot just in time for summer where the fish are deep and the fish are few. Yaaa. As a safety note, beware of all the floating logs and crap just below the surface. I have fished the last 4 weeks and there is no sign of this letting up. Let me leave on a positive note, with few rainbows and mac’s being caught and the netters gone for the summer (don’t want to bother the rich people and their nice boats), the fish should be growing like never before. I saw a nice pike last week caught by the river, (I wonder if they eat kokanee?) Anyhow, I digress, the patch fish should be a real possibility this year. Well, happy fishing folks………