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Kevin Dahl

Hi Fred, great idea. I have already talked to Dave Law and might be able to get him out there for the Halloween Derby at the very least. He is very interested in our club and what we do. As I pointed out before, the more people express their feelings to Q6 News, the better the chance of some great news stories. At the club meetings and through mail and word of mouth, people need to contact Q6 news so they know we care. If we are all to busy to take 5 min out of our life to contact Q6, why should they care? Every member of the club needs to call or write Q6 News and tell them thanks for their coverage. I have told several people that if they don’t care to get involved, why would a Spokane News origination 2 hours away in a different state give a rip? Not to brag, but I got my foot in the door. Now we need ALL the Charter CAPTAINS and the LPOIC leaders to do their part! I will do my part and Dave is willing to help, but we all have to pull together. I thank you for your help in this matter Fred. We have a GREAT chance to go big. Thanks for helping spread the word!!!!!!