Our Community

Without the support and donations made by many of the members of our fishing community, our club would not be around. We would like to thank all supporters of Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club and our membership. To become a member of our club and help protect and enhance Lake Pend Oreille, simply fill out a membership form.

Here are a few of the many resources that make our lake one of the most exciting fisheries in the United States. Help us to support those that make all of this possible.

Marinas/Restaurants/Tackle Shops

Sage Cooper- 33 inch Rainbow October 2014

Sage Cooper- 33 inch Rainbow October 2014

Bayview Marinas-208-683-2243

Bottle Bay Resort Marina-208-263-5916

Captn’s Table-208-265-6351

Captain’s Wheel-208-683-6504

Garfield Shores Resort and Marina Club-208-263-9595

Holiday Shores/East Hope Marina- 208-264-5515

Hope Marine Services-208-264-5105

MacDonald’s Hudson Bay Resort-208-683-2211

Sandpoint Marina-208-263-3083

Fishing Charters

Eagle Charters-208-264-5274 or 208-255-8679 – Captain James Mullen

Seagull Charters-208-266-1861 or 208-290-7979 – Captain Ken Hayes

Pend Oreille Charters-208-274-3263 – Captain Bob Wiley

Tackle & Gear

Mark’s Marine

Frisky Jenny Flies

Black Sheep

Holiday Shores/East Hope Marine

North 40 Outfitters