Welcome to the Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club!

LPOIC Spring Derby Now Set Along With Auction and Seminars – Save the Dates!

-LPOIC 2021 Spring Derby April 24 to May 2

-LPOIC 2021 Pin Auction Fund Raiser April 17th

-The LPOIC 2021 Pin Auction will be held on April 17 at the Bonner County Fairgrounds. The doors will open at 3pm. There are plans for a seminar to begin at 4pm, with the pin auction beginning at 5:30pm. This function is still in the planning stages, so check back for updates. The 2021 LPOIC Spring Derby will be held April 24th to May 2. The Derby is planned to be the same as previous Spring Derbies. We will post a copy of the derby poster here in a few days and be sure to visit our Facebook Page. The prizes and awards will be mailed to the winners for this event, let’s hope we can all get together following the Ross Milliken Members Only Derby in September.



Idaho Fish & Game is virtually hosting their annual “State of the Lake” presentation.  Here is a link to their site and specifics on how to attend.  Is is scheduled for this Wednesday, March 24th, from 6-8PM PDST.


Fall Derby Photo Contest Winner!! – Jennifer Howerton

Jennifer’s picture really captured the essence of the Fall derby.  One of our younger anglers, Blake Heather, won the adult Rainbow division with a 26.1lb monster rainbow!  Jennifer was helping weighmaster Meghan Howerton weigh the fish in and took this photo while Blake was attempting to revive and release his derby winner.  While the fish unfortunately didn’t survive, Blake tried his very best.  Nice picture, Jennifer!


Final Results

Adult Rainbow Division:

  1. Blake Heather (26.1 lbs, 37″)
  2. Bill Shaffer (24.23 lbs, 36.25″) (+Thompson Quality Fence/Jason Thompson sponsored Release Bonus)
  3. Dan Covey (23.83 lbs, 37″) (+Apex Tree Service/Travis Miller sponsored Release Bonus)
  4. Dave Gillespie (22.48 lbs, 36″) (+Shoo Fly/John Ross sponsored Release Bonus)

Adult Mackinaw Divsion:

  1. Harvey Landingham (11.3 lbs, 27″) (sponsored by Avista)
  2. Dave Janicki (9.2 lbs, 30″) (sponsored by Avista)
  3. Derek Blanchard (7.14 lbs, 26″) (sponsored by Avista)
  4. Dale Greene (7.02 lbs, 26″) (sponsored by Avista)
  5. Kenny Bartlett (6.4 lbs, 25″ (sponsored by Jake Howerton)
  6. Bert Dennett (4.79 lbs, 24.5″) (sponsored by Eagle Charters)
  7. Mike Perry (3.8 lbs, 19″) (sponsored by Mark Eastman)
  8. Mike Mitale (3.26 lbs, 21″) (sponsored by Libby NAPA)
  9. Brad Sturgis (3.16 lbs, 22″) (sponsored by Mike Poole)
  10. Doug Lambrecht (2.71 lbs, 21″) (sponsored by Dirks Tree Care LLC)

Junior Division

  1. Carson Laybourne (18.8 lbs, 35″ Rainbow – released)
  2. Braden Norris (11.27 lbs, 29.5″ Rainbow)

Youth A

  1. Fisher LaRue (21.63 lbs, 35″ Rainbow – released)
  2. Mackenzie Norris (6.71 lbs, 26.5″ Rainbow)
  3. Damian Porter (1.56 lbs, 16″ – released)

Youth B

  1. Savanna Long (12.65 lbs, 30″ Rainbow)
  2. Abby Hamilton (8.2 lbs, 27″ – Rainbow – released)
  3. Bentley Landingham (7.4 lbs, 25″ Rainbow)


  • 11/21 – Kenny Bartlett (sponsored by Elton Dawson)
  • 11/22 – Dave Janicki (sponsored by R&R Logging)
  • 11/23 – Mike Perry (sponsored by Captn’s Table)
  • 11/24 – Harvey Landingham (sponsored by Taylor Insurance)
  • 11/25 – Bert Dennett (sponsored by Mirror Lake Gold Course)
  • 11/27 – Dale Greene (sponsored by Eagle Charters)
  • 11/28 – No Entry (sponsored by J.E. Mace Enterprisese/IBC Signs)
  • 11/29 – Dale Greene (sponsored by 6 Point Farms)

THERE ARE SOME BIG FISH OUT THERE!  Congrats to member Jennie Howerton (and her trusty Capt’n Jake) for landing a 25.2LB Patch ‘Bow! (also the WINNER of the LPOAC Fall Derby!) & to member John Mace for 24.5LB Rainbow (2nd place in the LPOAC Fall Deby).  Way to go!

Jenny Howerton, 25.2lbs

John Mace, 24.5lbs (aboard Empty Creel with Donny Endicott)

One Happy Crew!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2020 CAPTN’s TABLE Halloween Derby!!

Club member Morgan John with the 2nd Place Rainbow…and a PATCH FISH! (25.04 lbs!!)

1st Casey Fournier 35.5″ 25.66#
2nd Morgan John 34.4″ 25.04# (LPOIC Member)
3rd Todd Becker 35.5″ 24.16#

And also, special thanks (as always) to the ladies that make it happen.. Mary Thompson, Jen Verdal and Bobbi Quenzer.

Jen & Bobbi

Board Meeting – Wednesday October 27, 6:30PM at Bonner County Fairgrounds.

Please join us at the fairgrounds at 6:30 this Wednesday for our monthly Board meeting.  We’ll discuss the Halloween Derby that just wrapped up (nice fish!!) and the upcoming Thanksgiving Derby fall derby … and whatever else strikes our fancy!

We have a room across from the picnic tables shown below.  Please note that the room is not heated, so bring a jacket (we’ll also have some portable heaters).  There is plenty of room to socially distance (and lot’s of light, given that it will be dark.

LPOIC 2020 Ross Milliken Members Only Derby: Final Standings

Rainbow Division
1. Dave Steinbach 19.54 lb 35 inch: $2,000
2. Brad Shelton 19.37 lb 32 inch (released): $600 + $500 release bonus + $250 Pin Bonus = $1,350
3. Matthew Blackstone 18.20 lb 33 inch (released) $500 + $500 release bonus = $1,000

Mackinaw Division
1. Zach Taylor 9.59 lb 28 inch: $1,000
2. Don Shirley 5.2 lb 24 inch: $500
3. Brad Sturgis 4.94 lb 24 inch: $300
4. Kurt Artner 4.0 lb 23 inch: $200
5. Raymond Lee 3.52 lb 22 inch: $100
6. Bert Dennett 2.76 lb 22 inch: $100
7. Will Crook 2.60 lb 20 inch: $100
8. Brad Shelton 2.25 lb 20 inch: $100
9. Dave Gillespie 2.06 lb 19.25 inch: $100
10. Dan Covey 1.99 lb 19 inch (yes, last place, but NOT LEAST….) $250

Congratulations everyone & thank you to all for the successful debut of a Catch & Release bonus for Rainbows!  Seven fish where brought to the scales and 6 swam away freely back into the lake to grow and grow and GROW some more! With the MOD being a warm water derby, it is tough to keep fish likely caught in deeper water alive, but you folks did it!

LPOIC 2020 Ross Milliken Members Only Derby: Catch & Release Weighing Procedures

Anglers bringing fish to weigh stations should expect a little different procedure than in past derbies. We are doing our best to add a successful catch & release bonus format (if anglers wish to participate).  Here is what you should expect when you arrive dockside with a fish to be weighed:

1 – Weigh master will explain to the angler the process and steps to weigh in a fish.

2 – We will do our best to be as prompt and careful as possible to ensure the fish has the best chance to be returned alive.

3 – Weigh master is to soak the weigh bag in the water.

4 – The weigh master is then to remove the weigh bag and count to fifteen while hanging the bag on the scale.

5 – The weigh master is to turn on the scale and allow the scale to zero.

6 – The weigh master will then hand the angler the weigh bag.

7 – The angler is responsible to put the fish in the bag securely zipped up (all 3 sides).

8 – The angler will then hand the fish bag to the weigh master.

9 – Once the bag has left the live well the weigh master can begin a count to fifteen.

10 – Weigh master will lay fish and bag on measure board to confirm the minimum fish length is achieved & try to get as accurate length as possible.

11 – The weigh master will then hang fish by the bag on the scale.

12 – Both weigh master & angler will agree and record the weight after the scale has stabilized.

13 – The weigh master will then return the bag with the fish to the angler.

14 – The angler is responsible for releasing the fish from the bag.

15 – The angler may help revive the fish.

16 – The fish must swim out of sight under its own power to be considered a success.

17 – It is the angler’s responsibility to make sure that the weigh master properly fills out & completes a weigh slip (that stays with the weigh master).

18 – The weigh master will call the derby master to report the weigh in.


  • Weigh master is to make sure the bag has only the fish and that there is no other debris or objects in the bag.
  • Disputes are to be immediately reported to the derby master
  • Dead fish (Macs, dead Rainbows, etc.) are to be weighed precisely in the same manner as live fish except that the fish WILL NOT be returned to the Angler (or if returned, will have a hole punched in the tail or dorsal or both).

**Come get involved. General Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month. With COVID issues, please check back on this page for updates when (and where) the next meeting will be held. Board Meetings are the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Welcome to Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club (LPOIC). Our club is dedicated to protecting and enhancing our lake. We are primarily a fishing club, but have a vested interest in keeping our lake in pristine condition through the help of many other groups and volunteers.

Lake Pend Oreille has the distinguished honor of giving up 3 Idaho State record fish, two of which are world records. In 1947, Wes Hamlet boated a 37 lb. Rainbow, commonly referred to as a Kamloops or Gerrard Rainbow. This fish still remains the world record in it’s category. In 1949, Nelson Higgins landed a 32 lb. Bull Trout (currently protected under the Endangered Species Act) and remains the world record. In 2010, Dale Hofmann caught a 6 lb. 8 oz. 26 inch Lake Whitefish, currently an Idaho State record.

Many other species of fish can be caught on Lake Pend Oreille, but the primary fishery LPOIC is concerned with is the Gerrard Rainbow and it’s number one food source, Kokanee. To read more about the fishery, you can find a nicely written article in Sandpoint Magazine.

To become a member and help to maintain Lake Pend Oreille as a destination for trophy size fish, please visit our membership page.