What’s Coming Up?

We had a good General Meeting last night and got a lot accomplished. Here are some important items coming our way:

1.) Board Meeting August 27th

2.) Next General Meeting September 10th. We have invited Jim Fredericks from Idaho Fish & Game to give us an update on our lake, Rainbows, Kokanee etc. This will be a good one to come to if you are interested in what is going on with our fishery. We are also extending an invitation to John Rankin to see how the stocking of Kokanee has gone this year.

3.) September 20th and 21st is our Members Only Derby. Good prizes and fun times to be had on this one. Below is our Derby Poster. Hope to see or hear you on the water. Not on the poster are the times. No time limit on Saturday but lines must be out of the water by 3pm on Sunday. Dinner will be at the Captains Table at 4pm and awards ceremony at 4:30pm.

Members Only Derby

Members Only Derby

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2 responses to “What’s Coming Up?”

  1. curtinidaho says:

    I was wondering if this years members only derby will include entries from members children or grandchildren? If so is there an entry fee for them? Do they need too be registered? And will there be children’s prizes?

  2. Barbara Gillespie says:

    If a child 0-17 years of age has signed up as a Junior Member and paid the $10.00 Membership Fee plus buys a Derby Ticket for the Members Only Derby they are eligible for the prize package. There is no free youth A and B categories for this derby.

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