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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 8-9-17

    Attending: Dale Greene, Jeff Laybourne, Gale Belgarde, Grant Hillen, Clint Nicholson, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Ryan Schaefer, Scott Chamberlain, James Mullen,Kevin Elmore and Kevin Devault.

    Introductions of Board and Officers:
      Pres.-Barb Gillespie 2017-2018
      V. Pres.-Clint Nicholson 2017-2018
      Sec.- Dale Greene 2017-2018
      Treas.-Dave Gillespie 2017-2018
      Board Mem.-Dale Snipes 2017-2019
      Board Mem.-James Mullen 2017-2018
      Board Mem.-Dave Ivy 2017-2018
      Board Mem.-Steve Klappenbach 2017-2018
      Board Mem.-Kevin Elmore 2017-2018
      Board Mem.-Kevin DaVault 2017-2019
      Board Mem.-Gale Belgarde 2017-2020

    Correspondence: Two days Rock Creek Mine Discussion

    Minutes of 7-12-17: Read by Dale G. and accepted

    Mack of the Month for July and so far for August: Dale G. won July 20.82# 36”, Nothing Aug.

    Spring Creek Hatchery clean up was a Happening!

    Upcoming Events:
      Sullivan Springs Clean Up with IDFG and Avista
         Time to be announced
         Who else will take part? Dale and Dave taking boats
         Lunch provided by F&G
         Bring Waders and Rakes
      Members only Derby Sept. 16 and 17 2017
         MUST be a Member PRIOR to 9-16-17
         End time will be 3:00 PM on the 17th-BE IN LINE
         Awards Ceremony at the Captn’s Table
         Dinner will begin at 5:00 PM, Awards at 5:45 PM

    Tackle Share Auction

    Door Prize Drawing: Kevin DaVault won $30 gift certificate to Black Sheep

    Next Members Meeting 9-13-17 at Connie’s at 6:30 PM

    Next Board Meeting 8-23-17 at Connie’s at 6:30 PM

    MEMBERS ONLY DERBY 9-16-17 and 9-17-17

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