Front Rudder Rainbows 2-1-16

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    Front Rudder

    Out of Hope about noon, one to two footers out of South. Nothing hit down riggers, but fairly busy on the boards. Three small[under 17″] Rainbows and a nice 16″ Cut throat on the same red/ white fly from Camp to Garfield and back. One perky 19″ on a different red
    white and a little 13″ on a red/orange/white. Ended the day with a 28″? 9#? Rainbow male I released at the boat.Hit black/speckled glitter 4.5 Apex on outside line on board. While slowed down to land it, apparently a weighted spoon I had out dropped down and interested a 10.8 pound Mack! Didn’t know I had it until I went to reel it in!

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